Sound and SilenceEscapism in its purest form with all the possibilities Mallorca has to offer: that is Eleven. Seven unique retreats where the capital city’s urban amenities and nightlife are within arm’s reach.

The island

Árboles frutales en flor, majestuosas puestas de sol sobre un mar turquesa, verdes colinas montañosas... la mayor de las Islas Baleares ofrece un colorido espectro capaz de crear momentos inolvidables. La capital, Palma, constituye un vívido contraste, con un sinfín de posibilidades para salir, descubrimientos culinarios, un casco antiguo memorable y establecimientos de lujo en el Paseo de Borne.

Bien cerca de Palma nace Eleven: un complejo de carácter único con siete apartamentos exclusivos. En uno de los lugares más codiciados de la isla, los habitantes pueden disfrutar aquí de unas vistas de ensueño hacia la bahía de Palma. Y de una vida que aúna las caras más bellas de la tranquilidad y lo urbano.

Cas Català

Cas Català is a place where two of the island’s most scenic natural landscapes meet. Located between the foothills of the magnificent Tramuntana mountains and the ocean, it is one of the island’s wealthiest communities with exclusive villas and residential properties. The residents enjoy its peace and quiet, even though it is only minutes away from Palma’s fascinating city life. Cas Català is a special place - between worlds, yet in the midst of life.

Drop the anchor

The countless ports around the island’s coastline provide berths for luxury yachts and elegant sailing ships that cross paths with tiny fishing boats casting their nets as they sail out to sea. The ocean has always provided the backdrop to life on the coast. And the coastline varies considerably in form, from rugged cliffs to miles-long sandy beaches.

Cas Català is located in the Bay of Palma. Eleven’s residents have front row seats because the property is just a few minutes’ walk away from the sea. The apartments and verandas also offer spectacular views across the ocean. Anyone arriving by yacht will find a berth at the nearby Port Calanova marina.


The lifestyle of a lifetime

Eleven not only offers its residents stunning views while also being a sight to behold itself. One that impresses time and time again. The modern, cubist architecture with projections and recesses achieves more than just a special visual effect. It was designed to provide the greatest possible privacy while maximising window area so that the view over the bay becomes a part of the apartments.

The outdoor area is a communication forum for Eleven’s residents. It is embedded in a garden with native palms and flowering plants, a large pool and several patios. The patios are all segregated so that residents have the opportunity to quietly sunbathe or engage in animated conversations.

Waves of light

One particular highlight is the infinity pool on the rooftop terrace of the penthouse. Its reinforced glass base creates a skylight with a very special quality of light that, depending on the light incidence and movement of the water, paints dancing reflections on the interior walls.

This feature clearly shows Eleven’s commitment to offering only the very best, right down to the very last detail.


Quality time

There is no greater luxury than time. The overall objective of Eleven was therefore to build the perfect foundations on which to make the most of every minute – without compromise. The building has impressive lines and proportions from every perspective that ensure the view across the bay becomes an intrinsic aspect of the apartment. It is also evident in every single detail of the property.

With oversized windows, Eleven pays homage to the panorama of its surroundings, therefore reinforcing the unique impact of the spacious, open-plan floor layouts. Each apartment has a spacious living and dining area with an open-plan kitchen as its focal point of life. The generously dimensioned windows and balconies extend the indoor space outdoors – and bring the island world into the apartment.

Floor plans

The seven apartments at Eleven have the perfect layouts for every exclusive living concept.

Open floor plans


Domus Vivendi Eleven GmbH & Co. KG, Sucursal en España

C/Murillo N°1
Complejo Green Park
07180 Santa Ponça – Calviá
España – Illes Balears
Tel.: +34 971 695 710
Fax: +34 971 695 461

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